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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
1:59 am - Gone but not forgotten....
I'd take the time to write more, but no one is around in this abandoned, ancient cave to read it.

Oh Live Journal. Memories of a different age. When the internet was still magical. When people still posted their experiences, and friends followed along.

I may have forgotten you, but I'm still here.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
5:15 pm - The closing of the archives
After two wonderful years of moderating Happy Wednesdays, and the Happy Wednesday Archives, the time has come to uproot, to tear down, and to plant anew. It seems the Holy Spirit has decided that the time of my involvement in Happy Wednesdays has come to an end, and as part of this, the archives have been removed as well.

This is not a statement about the Happy Wednesdays apostolate itself, or the Living Water Charismatic Prayer Group which sponsors it. Only my personal involvement is ending. If you would like to stay in contact with the Living Water Charismatic Prayer Group, or continue to receive Happy Wednesdays, let me know, and I can get you in contact with those who are now responsible.

Finally, I would like to clarify that I don't mean to imply the existence of ill-will or a disagreement with LWCPG or Happy Wednesdays in any manner. This is just the direction the Holy Spirit has chosen so that all involved may be best benefited.

I would like to close these archives with the bible verse presented in the very first Happy Wednesday(Colossians 4:12 - 17):
"See that you fulfill the ministry that you received in the Lord."

current mood: nostalgic

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